Cellular Makeover: New anti-aging technology designed to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level



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Your source of beauty is at the cellular level. “Cellular Makeover” deals with much more than just appearance, as appearance as well as the elements and gravity are what pay their toll over time. But we will be dealing with the actions and emotions that in turn have caused a certain amount of havoc within the body, deep within the systems and their harmonious function one with the other. Rejuvenation is at the cellular level and mirrors itself into one’s face. The body’s tissue, much more evident in the facial features, is a holographic image of the general state of health of the body. With the latest Scientific knowledge from the West and the ancient wisdom from the East, this book guides you through the latest knowledge on how to evaluate, how to prevent and how to nurture your cells to give you that absolute Cellular Makeover” which is your true source of beauty.

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