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MicroCurrent for Dogs is a step-by-step introduction and guide to using unique and effective therapies that can reduce a dog’s recovery time compared to standard veterinary practices. This book explores alternatives to standard pet care practices, covering easy-to-use tools for microcurrent and other therapies. The goal of MicroCurrent for Dogs is to provide both owners and practitioners with a resource for incorporating therapy tools into the health care of dogs. The book is the second in a series by Deborah Powell, author of MicroCurrent for Horses, which was first released in 2008.

In addition to microcurrent, learn about treating dogs using infrasound, light therapy, tuning forks, needle-free acupuncture, massage with microcurrent, iontophoresis, and more.

Behind it all is the desire to offer you an opportunity to take your dog’s health into your own hands, to help it stay in prime health, recover from an injury, or maintain/improve a chronic or ongoing condition. Whether for practitioners looking to gain added benefit for their clients, competitors hoping to keep their dog in prime performance condition, or owners wanting to keep their beloved pet feeling its best. This book can be used to help all of these situations and many more. It is for every dog and every lifestyle.

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