Y electrode accessory Bundle by Avazzia



8 inch handle

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The Y-electrode accessory by Avazzia is made with surgical grade stainless steel and durable 8-inch handle to reach almost anywhere on your body.

It is certified to meet international safety standards for non-toxic materials, durability, and home-health environments for medical applications. It is certified for safe and effective use for electrical stimulation and high conductivity to be able to use directly on the skin without conductive solutions or gels.

The Avazzia Y-electrode is U.S. FDA reviewed and cleared, CE certified, licensed in Health Canada, Singapore and other countries around the world for safe and effective use, both over-the-counter and prescription use.

You know it meets high quality standards and safety if it has the Avazzia logo in the handle.

Your Y-electrode Bundle includes the Y-electrode, a protective Y sleeve to reduce bending and breakage and one 4P plug to 2.5mm standard plug lead wire.