Clinic Pain Relief Program

Utilizing at-home microcurrent therapy to treat patients, limit workload and establish a new revenue stream.

We get it. We are all in CRISIS MODE.

  • Facilities are closed for only the acutest of care
  • Personnel are over-taxed
  • Revenue is down and falling fast

All while your patients are

  • Suffering more from chronic joint/muscle or post-surgical pain
  • Masking causes with prescriptions / opioids / alcohol
  • Diminishing lasting health conditions and their working potential

This crisis deepens daily. AVAZZIA is here to help.

What steps are involved to participate?

Your participation is designed to be simple, efficient and beneficial for your clinic and your patients.

  • Clinic registers for program and confirms applicability
  • Clinic staff receives sample devices and in-service training
  • Clinic conducts telemedicine or in-clinic appointment with patients for pain; issues HIPAA release and prescription
  • Device is drop-shipped directly to the patient
Does my clinic qualify for the program?

To determine if the program is a fit for you and your clinic, please review the quick reference below.

What does it cost?

Nothing!  There is currently no up-front or on-going financial commitment to participate in this program.

  • Avazzia is offering this program in limited release during this unprecedented time so clinics can treat more patients and reverse their revenue loss
  • A small time commitment for learning is all that is needed to begin


What are the benefits for my patients?

When your patient purchases an Avazzia product that you prescribe, they will receive exceptional customer service from our team.

  • Online customer support
  • Customer satisfaction survey and follow up
  • Online appointment for device training and Q&A
  • Confirmation their SOAP notes (HIPAA-compliant) have been sent to your clinic
How does the clinic generate revenue?
  • Clinic charges for office visit or telemedicine appointment when determining the device is appropriate for the patient’s pain relief and issuing a prescription
  • Clinic charges the patient for the purchase of the device
  • Clinic charges for doctor review of patient reports and data sent from Avazzia to the clinic
  • Clinic can identify potential patients from past records who could also benefit
How does my clinic get started?

Your team can get started in as few as two business days. The process really is that simple.

STEP 1:  Clinic Onboarding

  • Meet qualification requirements
  • Sign NDA for device pricing information
  • Review general clinic information with Avazzia representative (clinic address, number of staff, qualification requirements, program benefits, etc.)
  • Sign agreement
  • Begin onboarding process

STEP 2:  Staff Training

  • 3-minute video of program overview
  • 30-minute online device training session
  • 15-minute training certification exam
  • 1-hour application of device training (therapy can be completed on self and/or other staff)
  • One, 20-minute e-training appointment with an Avazzia medical professional to demonstrate use of device and ask questions

STEP 3:  Virtual Patient Interactions

  • Assess patient’s pain using pain evaluation form
  • Identify device to recommend, or prescribe, to the patient, based on the patient’s reported pain
  • Charge patient for the device, as well as the clinic fee, at the same time
  • Complete order online for device with drop-ship instructions to patient’s home or to the clinic
  • Avazzia ships device and communicates the device comes with three, 20-minute live, online e-training consultations with a HCP, within 30 days, and FREE online videos available 24/7

STEP 4:  Follow Up

  • Avazzia and clinic discuss treatment process and patient outcomes
  • Clinic confirms efficacy of treatment with patient
How do we keep track of patient data and outcomes?
  • Patient reports outcomes to clinic and Avazzia
  • Avazzia sends patient SOAP notes from online e-training of device and other patient consultations
  • Avazzia sends device usage information, if available (frequency and duration of therapy, device and mode usage, etc.)
  • Avazzia conducts patient satisfaction survey results
What is Avazzia’s BEST Platform?

Avazzia products are developed on the patented BEST (Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology) platform. All devices are designed as simple, easy-to-use, hand-held therapy for non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive pain relief.BEST devices produce microcurrent impulses, transmitted through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention and pain relief. BEST devices react to the body’s response to the microcurrent stimulus. With each response, the electrical properties of the tissue change. The device detects changes and responds, resulting in the very next signal being modified. This is possible because Avazzia BEST products use a unique analog output controlled by high-speed microprocessors, which establish a “cybernetic loop” between the device and the body’s tissue.


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