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If you have questions regarding your account or your device, use the form below to contact customer service. To return an Avazzia product, read Avazzia Warranty and Return Policy before proceeding.

If you encounter any issues or have operational questions regarding your device, please do not hesitate to contact us. Before contacting Technical Support, it would be helpful for us if you will first take your device through the listed troubleshooting procedures. If these procedures do not fix your issue(s), please use the form below to get in touch with us.

If you have a BEST device and would like to participate in our survey please print the Efficacy Survey, complete it and return. You will receive a FREE set of 2″ x 2″ conductive pads.

Avazzia, Inc.
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US FDA disclosure:

Avazzia medical devices are cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain, and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain. The FDA has not approved or cleared Avazzia devices as safe or effective for any other uses.

Important safety information can be found online under the SUPPORT TAB under Safety Precautions.

The owner’s manual for each device also contains important safety information.

If you have a question about specific applications or uses not covered, please feel free to ask your doctor or a healthcare professional that uses Avazzia devices.

List of Trainers including healthcare professionals
To find a practitioner that uses Avazzia in their practice, see


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