Pain is Complicated



Here at Avazzia, we know that pain management can be incredibly difficult for those who are experiencing debilitating chronic pain as well as the many side effects that come with it. Often times, these patients struggle with walking, performing otherwise routine daily tasks, sleepless nights, and even depression. That’s why we have made finding pain relief a pain-free process.

Avazzia medical devices are FDA-cleared for pain relief without drugs or surgery, and they work.  Go to a seminar to learn from the experts, see online videos, or find a practitioner near you to try it.

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“After spending eight hours a day using a computer mouse, I began suffering from severe numbness in my right hand and arm. I was introduced to the Avazzia device and began seeing improvement almost immediately.

Within six months I was totally symptom-free and able to avoid surgery (which I was told was my other option). Since then I have used the device to relieve the chronic neck and shoulder pain that has seriously impacted quality of life for my entire adult life. Nothing I’ve tried before has been as effective.”


Dianne Stultz

Plano, TX

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