Prescription Information

For residents of the U.S. and its territories

U.S. federal law restricts certain Avazzia medical devices to sale by or on the order of a physician or licensed healthcare provider. This means that a prescription is required to purchase those Avazzia medical devices.

Avazzia devices that require prescription are intended for chronic pain, intractable pain, post-surgical pain, or post-traumatic pain and include:

PRO-SPORT™, PRO-SPORT ULTRA™  Professional Programmable devices

BEST-RSI™, BEST-PRO 1™                        Home-use Rx devices

(For those living outside the U.S. or its territories, a prescription is not required.)

Avazzia over-the-counter, non-prescription devices for pain relief from daily activities or exercise include:

 AVAZZIA BLUE™                                           2-mode device

MED-SPORT™                                                 4-mode device

This prescription form is useful for including medical history information that your insurance company may request.

For Private Insurance (Other Than Medicare):

Some insurance policies may provide benefits towards the cost of a prescription Avazzia device. Check with your human resource office  or check with your insurance company to find out how to file claims directly.

FAQ. Does Medicare or Medicaid cover an Avazzia device?

No. Your private insurance provider may require a proof of denial from Medicare or Medicaid.

FAQ. What information does my private insurance provider need?

Generally, you will need the following for submitting directly to your insurance provider:

  1. A prescription filled out, dated and signed by the doctor with a date less than 1 year.
  2. Proof of payment (receipt, invoice, email confirmation).
  3. Your insurer may require Proof of Denial from Medicare or Medicaid.

In addition to a prescription, insurance companies may require additional medical records to evaluate and determine insurance coverage. For example, they ask for information such as date of onset, diagnosis information, other treatments tried before, the last time the doctor saw you and whether the doctor feels that the device would be medically necessary. This information can be provided by your doctor on the Avazzia prescription form available for download above.

If you have any questions, call Avazzia at telephone: (214)-575-2820.

FAQ. Is Avazzia “In-Network”?

No, Avazzia is out of network.

Under some circumstances, Avazzia prescription devices may be covered by private insurance. Private insurance does not cover over-the-counter devices.

FAQ. Does Avazzia file insurance claims?

Avazzia does not file insurance claims.

Even though Avazzia does not file insurance and Medicare does not cover the cost of the devices, Avazzia values you and your business and wants to help you.

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