Avazzia Testimonials

Hear from people who experience pain relief without drugs

Patients have successfully used Avazzia BEST-PRO 1 and BEST-RSI for the following pain issues:

  • Back pain including lower back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Joint pain from recent and past athletic injuries
  • Pain after dental extractions and root canals
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Post-orthopedic surgical pain
  • Rotator cuff pain

In user surveys, respondents have reported better sleep, less pain, decreased use in drugs and improvement in daily activities.

I played football at University of Arkansas and Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and sustained many injuries during my athletic career. I have tried just about everything I could to sooth and relieve the pain associated with arthritis and scarring of muscles, tendons and bone fractures … (including) very expensive shots and several different prescription TENS units. … I found a significant measurable amount of relief associated with the Avazzia massage therapy in a very short time. I must say I have found the relief I have been trying to find with all of the others and your BEST-RSI unit really works. … I consider this unit to be the next generation of therapy devices to be recommended by team doctors and trainers.

Former Bristow (OK) High School Coach
Oklahoma Coaches Association 1987 Hall of Fame honoree

Bill Scott

High School and Collegiate Football Player

The Communications Workers of America Local 6201 was provided an Avazzia device to test with its membership. Jeanne Wells, of CWA 6201, reported in 2006 that the device was used “for non-surgical relief for repetitive motion pain and strain experiences by Local 6201 members employed as service representatives. Preliminary results of the pilot study indicated a 99 percent positive rating.”

Joanne Wells

CWA Local 6201, Fort Worth, TX

After spending eight hours a day using a computer mouse, I began suffering from severe numbness in my right hand and arm. I was introduced to the Avazzia device and began seeing improvement almost immediately.

Within six months I was totally symptom-free and able to avoid surgery (which I was told was my other option). Since then I have used the device to relieve the chronic neck and shoulder pain that has seriously impacted quality of life for my entire adult life. Nothing I’ve tried before has been as effective.

Dianne Stultz

Plano, TX


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