Training Overview

Learn how to use Avazzia devices
Using an Avazzia BEST device is easy – often as easy as turning it on and placing the onboard electrodes on the point of pain.

While easy to use, the BEST devices are best used in the hands of a skilled user, which is why training is so important to improve quality of results.

In-Person Seminars

Professional training seminars with hands-on practice are available from experienced healthcare professionals that use Avazzia in their practices every day. Contact them directly or check out their websites to register for conferences and training events.

Or, go to to explore the many video testimonials of how Avazzia owners are using their device to improve their health and to find videos offered by professional healthcare practitioners.

Online Training with Certificates

Avazzia offers free device instructional video overviews of how to use your device.

Subscribe to the Avazzia Online Training site for protocols and advanced training for healthcare professionals. New users can view core training videos for $1 for the first 30 days with purchase of 1 month Basic Core subscription ($15.00) and entering a coupon code (for $14.00 discount) during subscription checkout: Avazzia. Unsubscribe to avoid future changes after the first month. Avazzia is not responsible for additional charges. No refunds are available from


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See your doctor or healthcare practitioner for information about your health. FDA requires a prescription for Avazzia BEST-PRO 1, Avazzia BEST-RSI and Avazzia PRO-SPORT. Seek medical attention for serious or chronic pain.


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