ezzi-lift® by Avazzia

Get a Microcurrent Facelift at Home

  • Gain skin that’s smoother, firmer looking
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Benefit from an overall feeling of relaxation
  • Gentle microcurrent massage to the face and body
  • See results immediately-and for as long as seven to 10 days after application
  • No need for creams or gels
  • No downtime, redness or puffiness

Look Younger Naturally

Benefits of ezzi-lift microcurrent facial

  • Results of this facial rejuvenation protocol may be visible immediately and last up to 10 days.
  • Non-drug, non-invasive facial massage has no downtime, no redness or puffiness.
  • For additional information about ezzi-lift go to ezzi-lift-kit.com
  • Gentle Avazzia BEST® microcurrent platform
  • Quality and durability from medical-grade stainless steel electrodes
  • Multiple treatment modes and intensity options
  • Accessory port for optional treatment tools and convenience

ezzi-lift microcurrent facial experience & video testimonials

Warning: Not intended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronic device or who may be pregnant.


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