Conductive Sock




Conductive Sock

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Conductive sock electrodes are wearable cloth electrodes with silver conductive threads in the material.  They can be more comfortable than the self-adhesive material on more common sticky electrode pads, plus they cover the entire foot. Conductive socks are washable in cold water with gentle soap or cleanser.  They should not be put in the dryer to prevent excessive tarnishing of the conductive silver threads. With time, as the silver threads tarnish and yellow or brown, they become less conductive and should be disposed and replaced.

Conductive sock can be used with a self-adhesive, conductive pad and or another conductive garment such as an leg sleeve.  One lead goes to sock, other lead goes to pad.  Place sock on foot and pad on skin above the sock to complete circuit.

Conductive sock fits approximate average foot size.  Sock may be tight for shoe size Men’s 9 or Women’s 10. For smaller feet, if the sock is a little loose, you may want to wear another sock over the conductive sock to hold the conductive sock snugly on your foot.