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What is the difference between Biomodulators and other Avazzia Devices?

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Avazzia devices including the Biomodulator devices are U.S. FDA cleared for treating pain. They have been reviewed and cleared by the U.S. FDA for pain relief and for use with lead wires and electrode accessories that are listed and shown in the owner’s manual instructions provided with the devices by the manufacturer. Electrode accessories include the self-adhesive, conductive electrode pads (patches), the Y-electrode for reaching and large tissue areas, the brush electrode for treating hairy areas, and the pencil electrode for treating small areas.

Information on this page is provided by Senergy Medical Group.

What is the difference between Biomodulators and other Avazzia Devices?

Dr. Tennant’s frequency sets, protocols, training, and books

Biomodulators are premier microcurrent devices include a number of preset modes with frequency settings and patterns exclusively developed for Dr. Tennant and Senergy Medical Group, the exclusive distributor for Dr. Tennant’s devices.

The exclusive modes are based on Dr. Tennant’s research and are not available in any other Avazzia electrical stimulation medical device.

Dr. Tennant’s protocols maximize pain management as well as overall health and wellness.

Biomodulator purchases includes self-study materials, coaching and support through Senergy Medical Group and access to the training conference live or online as well as master course information.

Information about Health Conferences is on the Senergy website under HEALTH CONFERENCE.

The Biomodulator PRO device was specifically developed with the practitioner in mind to maximize their clinical treatment services and patient experience. More sophisticated lay persons sometimes choose to purchase as well.

The Biomodulator PLUS home unit was the first custom device developed for Dr. Tennant and is a work horse in itself.

Both of these devices are manufactured by Avazzia exclusively for Senergy Medical Group, the exclusive distributor for Dr. Tennant’s devices

Senergy’s staff, support, and service

Customer support, training, and education by email or phone for maximizing the Biomodulator devices is available with Tennant Biomodulator devices: See link for training and education.

The Senergy Medical Group support staff are professional and experienced to help you.

The main difference with the Biomodulator devices is that the Biomodulator devices have custom proprietary modes that were developed for it by request from Dr. Tennant. The custom modes that were developed for Dr. Tennant are not available in any other Avazzia devices. There are no other modes in any other Avazzia devices that are the same as the custom modes developed for Dr. Tennant.


When asked if some of the other modes are as effective as his modes, Dr. Tennant said that he doesn’t know because he has modes that work, so those are the modes that he uses. He doesn’t try to use the other modes because it is not a valuable use of his time or his patient’s time and experience.

Take cars for example. Both small cars and luxury cars can get you there, but they are different.

Avazzia medical devices including the Tennant Biomodulator devices are US FDA cleared for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation for pain relief, but some of the specific mode frequency sets within the range of settings are different.

What do the reaction numbers mean?

Dr. Tennant’s published information about what is being measured is described in his book, Healing is Voltage® On/Off Switches, The Atlas, page 137. Dr. Tennant’s published information is rich in discussions related to various meridians, batteries, and flow of energy, and other analytical aspects.

Dr. Tennant wrote on page 137:

“The BioModulator reads impedance with reactance and capacitance over time instead of ohms. It has been calibrated to be similar but not always exactly the same since it is reading something different than ohms.

You can’t use just a voltmeter to measure these circuits because the voltage in the body is constantly pulsing and you can’t get a proper end point. Thus since voltage is equal to amperage multiplied by impedance, it is assumed that if amperage is constant, voltage equals impedance, so that the impedance *(ohms) reading you get is an indicator of voltage.

In all of the devices, readings are obtained by passing electrons through the system and reading what comes back.”

Avazzia does not speak “Voltage” language on the body as it is presented in Dr. Tennant’s book.

Avazzia’s explanations for the numbers and readings from a different perspective and are documented in Avazzia FAQs online at: IR-OR-D-Z .

Do the reaction numbers work the same in all the devices?

The numbers are calculated similarly; however, the non-Biomodulator devices have never been tried, tested, or evaluated for use with Dr. Tennant’s techniques that he uses in his clinic or that he teaches. If Dr. Tennant’s techniques are desired, then Dr. Tennant’s Biomodulator frequencies are the ones that he has evaluated.

Are the Reaction readings on ProSport the same as the Tennant Biomodulator Pro? The Reaction IR/OR readings are similar; however the Reaction readings on the Tennant Biomodulator Pro are scaled for consistency to his trainings. D, Z, and speed of reaction are the same.

Is there an advantage either way? The Tennant Biomodulator Pro Reaction IR/OR numbers are scaled for his training.

Are these devices like TENS devices?

While Avazzia’s electrical stimulation medical devices, including the Tennant Biomodulator devices fall within the broad general class of TENS, they offer built-in unique features including unique interactive waveforms and REACTION Technology™ and responses to the tissue. An overview of the neurostimulation technology is here.

Avazzia Basic Neuromodulation Technology is also explained: click here

All Microcurrent is not equal.

Avazzia devices incorporate a dynamic high-voltage biphasic (AC) asymmetrical damped sinusoidal waveforms that result in gentle microcurrent output.

Microcurrent outputs vary and can be produced by any number of output patterns and still be microcurrent.

Avazzia microcurrent devices including the Biomodulators produce various frequency output patterns with these damped sinusoidal frequency patterns. Microcurrent output in Avazzia devices is dynamic as well. See link to technology page.

Biphasic damped asymmetrical sinusoidal complex frequency patterned microcurrent:

Tennant Biomodulators are made with the same Avazzia quality and dependability:

  • Technology
  • Microcurrent
  • Output Waveforms
  • REACTION Technology™ and digital objective format including Initial Reactions, Ongoing Reactions, Speed of Reactions
  • Dynamic changing outputs
  • Manufactured and assembled by Avazzia in Texas with foreign and domestic components
Biomodulators are made with the same Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology™ (BEST) platform, but with unique frequency patterns developed for Dr. Tennant based on his years of research and clinical experiences.
The BEST™ platform provides for 5 control variables for modulating the output wave forms and frequency patterns:
1) frequency of output stimulation
2) pulses per packet
3) timing between pulsed outputs per packet
4) damping of outputs changing the max voltage and the pulse width
5) modulation of output on and off (example on for 3 seconds, off for 1 second).
Current is a function derived from the output waveform shape, damping, pulses per packet and frequency and power intensity settings.
The custom frequency patterns and settings developed for Dr. Tennant are in the Biomodulator devices, and they are not found in any other Avazzia devices.
The Biomodulator PRO devices have both standard Avazzia frequency sets and modes as well as Dr. Tennant’s custom modes.
The Biomodulator devices are exclusively available from Senergy per licensing agreements.

In summary, what is the Tennant Biomodulator difference?

  • Dr. Tennant’s frequency sets and unique modes
  • Dr. Tennant’s experience, teachings, training, and books
  • Senergy Medical Group Staff, Support, and Service

Prescription required. Avazzia devices are not intended for diagnosis or treatment of disease.
Not covered by most insurance.
Warning:  Not intended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronic device or who may be pregnant.

MKT-180401-72 B

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